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Trading commodities can be profitable, but you need to understand the dos and don’ts in commodity trading. Nevertheless, it can be difficult for many reasons, of course, nothing good comes easy. Commodity trading demands attentiveness, and technical know-how to benefit financially. As such, you need to know the economic situations that can affect commodity trading and understand the best ways to invest. To make money in commodity trading, one needs to know the following:

Understand the basics of trading

There are different trading options in commodity trading that you should understand. The methods of commodity trading; physical commodity, commodity futures, futures options, stocks on commodity, and mutual funds and ETFs, have different basics of trading. For instance, futures contracts trade on specialised financial markets with a specified date of delivery and are available on commodities such as bushels of wheat, corn, soybean etc. You need to understand the basics of trading commodity futures as in; a buy order and a sell order. While a buy order means creating a contract to buy a commodity, a sell order means creating a contract to sell a commodity. Understanding the basics in any of the methods of trading agricultural commodities is one way to make money through commodity trading.

Learn about sales and changes in the commodity markets

The sale changes in a commodity market are determined by the demand and supply of commodities. For instance, an increased cost of production, significant crop losses, cost of transportation and sometimes adverse weather effect. The general changes in consumers’ daily lives have also been predicted to affect the changes in the commodity market. Another major effect on commodity markets is economic meltdown including fluctuations of currency. It is believed that as economies and currencies fluctuate, investors will turn to commodity trading resulting in increased prices of commodities. There are different ways in which commodity traders predict changes in commodity markets. They perform a fundamental analysis of world events that can affect commodity prices such as political events, weather predictions, cost of farm inputs, soci0-economic issues. There is also the technical analysis of price trends such as pattern identification and its historical relationship to the current price.

Select a trading strategy

Having understood the basics of commodity trading and changes in commodity markets, develop a trading strategy for commodity exchange. Among the trading strategies is a viable platform that ensures secured and reduced risk in commodity trading; signing up with Viable X can be a good trading strategy. Create a list of commodities you would want to trade on and do fundamental analysis to understand the best time for market entry and exit.  Learn about the strength and weaknesses of the platform before trading. If you find it difficult to trade commodities, you can hire a commodity broker to take you through the process with an earned result. Commodity trading is one-way investors can make money.

There are many benefits of commodity trading of which one is financial freedom. However, being financially free through agricultural commodity trading demands commitment, expertise and a trusted trading platform like Viable X.



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