Top Four Agri-products to Export

Agricultural products such as rice, maize, cashew, sesame, soybeans, wheat, etc, are essential to human and animal diets. They are traded for income by farmers and agribusiness owners in local and international markets. Exportation of agricultural products depends on the kind of products allowed for exportation in your country and the foreign markets available. Not all agricultural products are used for export business.

Agricultural export products are those food items that are needed by other countries and can be exported. These products are produced in large quantities in one country and transported to other countries in need. Exporting agricultural products is a highly profitable business with a good return on investment. If you are unsure of the agricultural export products to trade in, you should consider the valuable export products in Nigerian export markets.

Here are four products of high export value in Nigeria you can trade in for your export business.

  1. Sesame seeds

Sesame seeds are the top agricultural product export from Nigeria over the years, with an export value estimation of ₦41.94 billion in 2021. Sesame seed is a drought-tolerant crop that is mostly grown in the northern part of Nigeria. Sesame seed is traded mostly for sesame oil, which is used as a vegetable oil because of its zero cholesterol content.

If you want to start an export business, sesame seed is a sure deal for you. It is a valuable agri-export product with a good return on investment. Surprisingly, this product is not a usual agricultural product traded in the local Nigerian market; it is mainly an export product. Countries like China, Japan, Turkey, Vietnam and India import sesame seeds from Nigeria.

  1. Cocoa

Cocoa is a perennial plantation crop grown majorly in the southern part of Nigeria. It is an essential product for beverage industries. Although Nigeria is not among the top countries globally that produce cocoa, the crop is Nigeria’s second most valuable agricultural export product. In Q1 2021, the export value of cocoa was estimated at ₦35.49 billion.

Cocoa is cultivated majorly for export purposes and demanded by traders, and as such, it is a good export product to trade in the international market. Cocoa is usually exported as fermented cocoa beans and raw cocoa beans. Cocoa is usually exported to Netherlands, Germany, Indonesia, Malaysia and Belgium. They are the top five importers of cocoa from Nigeria.

  1. Cashew

Like cocoa, cashew is a perennial plantation crop that is majorly grown in the southern part of Nigeria. The economic value derived from cashew is in the apple, nut and kernel; the interest is in the cashew nut and kernel but for export purposes. Thus, cashew is grown for local consumption and exportation. In addition, it is used for industrial and medicinal purposes.

In Q1 2021, the export value of cashew was estimated at ₦13.71 billion. It is exported to countries such as Vietnam, India, UAE, China and Malaysia, the top cashew importers from Nigeria.

  1. Coconut

Coconut is a cash crop that is majorly grown in the southern part of Nigeria.  It serves as food to many and is a raw material for cosmetics, beverages, and pharmaceuticals.  It is traded in local and international markets.

In Q1 2021, the export value of coconut was estimated at ₦8.66 billion, making it among the top four agricultural products for exportation in Nigeria. You can start an export business with coconut because it is easy to source and gives a high return on investment.

Agricultural products available for export in Nigeria are numerous, and you can trade in any of them after your research about the business. The top four agricultural products for exportation are discussed in this article, with highlights on the international markets where they have great value.

Image by Kristen Sturdivant on Unsplash

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