ViableX helps you profit greatly from agriculture in Nigeria.

Export Financing

Fund commodity export orders from international buyers and earn 50% Return on Investment in 3months time.

Instant Loan

Receive instant loan to farm or source and supply produce to ready buyers.

Produce Trading

Buy farm produce when the price is low and sell when the price is high.


Sell Farm Produce Online. We connect you directly with Produce Buyers.

Contract Farming

Food Processing Companies contract our verified corporate Farmers.

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Members Testimonials

"I’m excited with this loan, now I can carry on my farm project. I just filled the loan request form and after like 30 minutes, I received credit alert in my bank account from Viable X. I couldn’t believe it. I was overwhelmed. Kudos to the Viable X Team."
- Lekan Adeniran

“I started selling my farm produce recently on Viable X Market Place and the response from buyers so far is encouraging. I now have a ready market at the tip of my fingers. Different Buyers chat with me to negotiate price before they pay. This gives me the opportunity to get the best deals and sell at the best prices.”
- Ubong Ntuk

“It is amazing how simple and easy it is to buy, store and sell produce online on Viable X. Anytime I need money, I just click on the Sell button and receive credit alert instantly in my bank account. This Digital Produce Buying and Storage sweet oo… No more worries for safe place to store, fear of pests, or pressure to sell at low price when running against time for fear of my produce getting spoiled.”
- Mohammed Taofeek